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Ignition Interlocks Prevent Drunk Driving

You've found the installation experts in Cheyenne, WY

Ignition interlock devices, or ignition interlocks, are designed to keep cars from starting if the drivers' blood alcohol content is above a certain percentage. Interlock Solutions LLC can install your device to help you become a more responsible driver or to fulfill a court order.

Make an appointment or stop by our Cheyenne, WY headquarters to drop off your vehicle. Your ignition interlock installation should take about half a day.

Once your ignition interlock device is installed, we can...

  • Show you a nine-minute instructional video
  • Review your agreement and answer your questions
  • Explain why requesting monthly data is so important

We offer discounts on ignition interlocks for certain vehicles. Contact us today for details.

What the video will cover

You'll see...

What your ignition interlock device will look like
How to blow into the handheld device
What happens if you pass or fail the breathalyzer test

Call 307-220-8255 now to make an ignition interlock installation appointment in Cheyenne, WY.